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BC & the VCs front woman, Bryony Cooper (BC), runs a Venture Capital fund. Formerly a professional singer, she recorded 3 original albums. Bryony met Christoph Raethke – a VIP in the Berlin startup scene – in 2012, when she relocated from London to launch a mobility startup. He became a great friend and mentor, introducing her to other musos on the scene.

Together they recruited talent from their networks, featuring some leading names from Germany's startup and investor ecosystem. When Nikolas Samios joined the band, he brought with him not only kick-ass keyboard and blues harp skills, but also a homegrown, fully equipped studio. He has his finger on the pulse of the latest music tech.

When we're not busy closing funding rounds and building companies, you'll find us jamming at PropTech House in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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Over the years, the band has jammed together in various formations, playing classic cover songs and some original material. Regular members include:


Bryony Cooper – lead vocals, fierce front woman, serial startup entrepreneur and Managing Partner at Arkley Brinc VC


Christoph Raethke – electric guitar, bass, master of howling solos, angel investor, CEO/Founder of Angels of Deutschland and Berlin Startup Academy.


Nikolas Samios – keys, mix and production, electro-wizard, co-founder and Managing Partner at PT1 Ventures


Julius Bachmann – guitar, bass, melody maestro, founder coach and investor at Backed VC and Dsus2 Capital


Oliver Skopec – drums, backing vocals, international entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Bockses (logistics startup)

Steffen 'Sholly' Holly – bass guitar, privacy expert, founder of Psoido

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